Outdoor Report, Sunday, November 09, 2008 by Todd Casey

I am sitting in a deer blind right now looking down a gas line that stretches for what seems like forever. There is a mockingbird making a racquet on the metal roof of this blind. I can hear it's every step almost like it is tap dancing. There are howls sounding off in the distance which sound like a south Texas grito being sung by a couple of healthy coyotes. The wind was blowing pretty good today but right now it is calmed to a peaceful whisper of air just floating through the brush. It is five thirty in the afternoon and the warmness of the day is starting to turn into coolness, and is chilling the perspiration under my shirt. I haven't seen a big buck yet, but that's okay because my rifle is in the truck. I just came out this evening to sit out in the brush and watch the sun go down. That coyote is howling again. What a way to spend a Monday afternoon.
We have had two great weeks of hunting since opening day. There have been some successful happy hunters come and go on this ranch this past week and they have all left with great trophies and lasting memories. The unusual amounts of rain this summer has created ridiculous amounts of grass and the brush out here has grown tremendously. We are seeing a lot of bucks, but I think there will be some that will not be seen until late in the season...or not at all. There is just too much cover and too much food for a deer to be cruising around too much. I have already seen some scrapes on the ground under overhanging branches and seen some bucks checking out does. We usually don't see that kind of activity until around Thanksgiving. I think that because the deer are so healthy they may be starting some rutting activity a little early. One of the management bucks brought in to camp this past week field dressed 215 pounds and was 260 live weight. That is a new ranch record. So far we are 100% on 1 Trophy buck and 6 management bucks. We have had some great groups of guys hang out with us by the fire. I look forward to some cooler weather and I am anxious to see what will stroll across the sendero next.
I still haven't seen a deer this evening. I may be a little too loud with typing on this computer. The bright light in the sky is starting to fade out into deep blues and fiery reds as the sun drops down behind the cloudy sky. I wonder if there is somebody watching this same sunset right now...A doe and a fawn just stepped out into the gas line. The fawn is running around the doe like a kid frolicking on the playground. The little rascal almost looks like it is trying to imitate a buckin' horse. How funny. It is getting dark now...I think I will close up these windows and head back to camp. A big heavy horned 10 point just walked out about 75 yards from the blind. It is not real wide but the mass is incredible. What a beautiful buck. I guess these deer are nocturnal right now. They are still in summer mode and showing themselves early and late. I have had a relaxing evening. I saw a few deer and watched the day end out in nature. You would just have to be sitting here with me, in the wild, watching this buck, to understand.
The Good Ol' Days are Now...
Captain Todd Casey

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