Fishing Report, Sunday March 22, 2009 Courtesy Capt. Todd Casey

It has been a while since I have written a report, but now that I am back to fishing steadily, I am ready to start writing every week like usual now that I am out of boots and into flip flops. After quail season is over I usually don't get many charters, so I go on a few road trips and drive around Texas to see friends. We had a very successful deer season this year and finished up February with some fun quail hunts. Now it is time to go fishing. I have been out a couple of times just exploring on my own and have done a few charters this March.
A couple of years ago, there was a huge seismograph project done in the Laguna Madre. Because of all of the airboat traffic and bombs going off in the bay I think that some of the fish were moved around unnaturally, making them more difficult to catch. Last year, we had a couple of hurricanes hit the Texas Coast and the storm surges and barometric pressures moved some fish around and kept a lot of boats off of the water. More time was spent in July and August patching up broken roofing and helping clean up the community. I had about 50 charters booked, and then canceled, due to the two storms. Most all of the fishing guides, and recreational anglers down here had a little "off time" last summer. Which means...the last couple of summers did not have the average number of fish caught and killed as compared to fishing seasons of the past. This tells me that this Spring and Summer is going to be loaded with fishing action. Just knowing there were thousands and thousands of fish not killed, due to the fact that the boats weren't out on the water.
The times I have been out this year, I have seen better than average trout being caught. I have a feeling that a few anglers will hook into several trout over ten pounds from South Padre Island to Port Mansfield. I look forward to hearing about them, and hope that one of my customers hooks into a ten or eleven pound monster. I have been fishing around the Gas Wells and Three Islands area a few times in the HOWLING wind and there are redfish everywhere. Redfish numbers have been great for quite some time and we have been catching an above average number of oversized fish for this time of year. I am already seeing schools of big fish in the color change and small groups of 20 to 30 redfish in the shallow water near the drum boats. Maybe the storms last summer halted some of the redfish schools from heading to the jetties and that's why I'm seeing them already. That is just my theory...all I know is it is going to be an awesome time to be on the water this year.
I am excited about throwing a top-water on a glassy morning before the sun comes up. I am excited about looking for big herds of redfish in the flats. I am looking forward to pulling into Wahoo's for a burger after a morning of fishing. I am anxious about the upcoming tournaments with excited restless nights and early mornings. I am excited about seeing people smile on my boat. I can't wait to hear somebody scream, "What do I do? What do I do?!!!!" an oversized red just rips line off of their reel. It is going to be a great summer.

The Good 'Ol Days are Now....
Captain Todd Casey

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