Fishing Report, Sunday, April 12, 2009 Courtesy Capt.Todd Casey

I fished everyday this past week. A strong North wind screamed in early in the week and then winds cranked from the South right after that. I had a couple anglers on my boat that came down specifically to try and catch a big trout. The wind was blowing so hard one day they were here it seemed like a small hurricane. We had some redfish action and did catch one trout that was 28 inches. I was pleased to get that kind of trout on a top water in 30 plus mile an hour winds. When Friday rolled around the winds calmed to halt. Mornings were cloudy, foggy and dark. The water was calm and the tide was ripping in and high. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were perfect top water mornings. When it is beyond windy I usually head over by the drum boats until I see some reds and make long drifts through the areas where I saw them. When it is calm and cloudy, I usually try and find a nice place to throw a top water. I look for water that is at least a foot deep to two foot with some big horse mullet and ballyhoo scurrying around. When the winds calmed this week the floating grass went away and it was nice to not have to deal with grass in the hooks. We had some great action on pink Skitterwalks and Super spooks of any color. Most all of the trout we caught this week in shallow water have red bellies and are full of eggs which is an indication that spawning is really underway. It is a great time to catch the right day and have a chance at a personal best trout.
I spent a lot of time up around Rattlesnake bay this week. There are small pods of reds (10 to 20 fish) scattered throughout Rattlesnake and numerous nice trout in the 18 to 22 inch range with an occasional trout over 25. There are also some huge schools of redfish East of the ICW north of the Duncan house. This water is pretty shallow and very clear. You can see these schools moving water from a long way off on a calm day. It is exciting to go fishing this time of year.
I went to church on Easter Sunday. I was surrounded by good people, tranquility, I took a moment and thanked the one above for all of my blessings when things were quiet. I saw beauty and creation. I thought about my past and my future. I got choked up a couple of times. I was excited a time or two...I laughed, I focused, I dreamed. I looked at the beams of light shining down through the clouds glimmering off of the calm shiny water. The church I went to didn't have a name or a place. The house of prayer I went to was my boat. I may not have actually been in church, but I had a spiritual moment. I was out on the water. Fishing. It is a lot more than going out and chasing fish around and boating. People that fish and enjoy the outdoors have a sanctuary of stunning experiences that are equivalent to some of our most divine moments in life. When I am fishing, I realize that there is something bigger than my everyday routine and myself. Today was an Easter Sunday that I will always remember.

The Good Ol' Days are Now...
Captain Todd Casey

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