May 27 Fishing Report Courtesy of Todd Casey

Sometimes when we are fishing, there is a certain twinge that comes over us. It may be a small back pain or a sunburned nose, and a tired feeling of being up since 4:30 AM. However, all the pain goes away when you hook into that big redfish. When a fishing rod is doubled over and the drag system is buzzing it seems like we are freed from an exhausted state of mind. The bent rod...It cures all that ails works out your arms and even sometimes attracts other boats to the fishing area. It is a powerful thing and it keeps us all going for just a little longer, and one more cast.

This past week was interesting due to the crazy thunderstorms that frequented the area most everyday. I didn't get to pursue my big snook due to this weather, but there were some nice trout and redfish action to keep the rods bent. Nice trout are still around grass bars in the 4 and 5 foot of green water near the color changes. There are plenty of undersized and hardly keeper trout in the actual color changes, but the solid ones are scarce in these areas. There is in fact two "color changes" in a color change. There is the muddy to green water and the green to clear water. The bigger trout have been closer to the green to clear water line. If you can find some grassy bars that scatter throughout these areas you may find some better than average fish. The depth differences and plentiful baitfish attract these nice trout to the bars. If you keep your eyes peeled you will notice small schools of ballyhoo scattering throughout the drift.

Redfish action is still great when there is a good float. The wind really helps out with a good redfish bite. There remains a vast amount of redfish in our favorite drifting areas (gas well flats, three islands and Cullen bay). There are fish there, but it is not as easy as just setting up a drift. You need to look for the big mullet and grainy water. Clear water sometimes all looks the same, but next time you are out there you need to really take a closer look. You will see the particles in the water that make it '"grainy" versus just plain old clear water. Sometimes just 200 or 300 yards east or west on a drift makes all of the difference. The best lures to fish the water with a little floating grass in it are ½ ounce and ¼ ounce weedless gold spoons and gulp shrimp tied about 2.5 feet behind a mauler. There is some great sight casting to be done just south of the actual Gas Wells in the shallow water with some good sunlight. I have been using D.O.A. shrimp and small ¼ ounce spoons to sight cast these fish.

However tired you may matter how long your drift is... there is always that chance of hooking into a big 'ol drag twisting fish that will make your day. The freedom of being out in a boat on the water combined with the excitement of catching a few fish and a little sun is worthwhile. So come on out to South Padre Island and check out the awesome fishing for yourself. All you need is a fishing license, a cold drink and a kolder holder. The rest of the good times are up to your fishing guide.

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Copyright 2007 Richard Moore