6 - 10 - 07 Courtesy of Captain Todd Casey

I have never caught a 35 inch trout, but I know that every time I go fishing out on the bay there is a very slight chance that may happen. The mystery of what could bite on your hook on every cast you throw is the reason fishing is so addictive. When I was a kid I can remember not being able to sleep due to the wonder of the morning to come. I had a few trips this past week with some kids on board and it was exciting to see them reel in tremendous memories. These are memories that will always be with them and provide them with the motivation to pursue that big 'ol 35 inch trout someday.

There were a lot of changes this past week as far as redfish are concerned. They are not as easy to catch as they have been. The tides are back to normal and the floating grass is horrible. Because of this I ran up to South Port Mansfield a couple of times to fish the flats East of Bennie's Shack. It was a lot of fun to fish my old stompin' grounds and get away from the boats. The water up there is a little stained and the big mullet are everywhere. Both times I went up there it produced limits of reds plus some. There are still plenty of fish in our favorite close by drifting flats, but they are holding in small areas. There can be miles with only a fish or two until you find "the spot". Once you find the fish they are thick, but all singles...and they move everyday.

Trout are getting a little shallower now that all of the water temperatures are starting to even out. I have been catching them in the 4 and 5 foot water, and this past week was best in the 2 and 3 foot water. D.O.A. Shrimp and Gulp Shrimp have been the best lures to entice a bite. There was one day this past week where the wind gusted to 45 miles and hour and really caused a lot of floating grass to emerge. Because of this I have been using a weed less worm hook with the Gulp lures and using them to work through the grass without getting hung up.

There were a couple of snook hooked this past week, but never landed. They are really starting to make their way up the bay and are finally showing themselves along the spoil banks and Holly Beach area. Last summer the snook basically took over the spoil banks from Marker 77 to 57. It is exciting to see these fish thriving more and more every season. These fish have always been in these areas, but it really seems to me that they are multiplying as far as the numbers are concerned.

No matter how old you are, the kid in you will always make you get out in the boat and go after that state record fish. You never know. One day you may catch the record fish that will grace all of the magazines. The only thing you have to do is get your hook in the water. South Padre Island has it all. Plenty of lodging, an abundance of family fun and the fishing with Captain Todd is always a treat. I love fishing with all types of people. You may be the experienced old salt or a young kid learning the ropes. There is always a fishing trip to suit your needs.

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