June 17th Fishing Report Courtesy Todd Casey

My three year old son was on the boat eating some pancakes as the sun cleared the horizon. I took a few pictures to capture the memory of a young boy and his dad spending some time out on the water enjoying a little fishing. Even though he is only three, fishing is one of his most requested activities. Not Spiderman, Sponge bob or Thomas the Train can prevail over some lukewarm pancakes, a sunrise and the sound of a seagull calling in the distance while out on the boat with dad.

This past week was a sure sign that the summer season is here. Slick calm mornings that make for a pleasant boat ride are common now and it is sometimes difficult to make out the horizon. It seems as if the water and the sky just interconnect and fade together. Because of this serene weather I have been spending a little more time in the ICW where the current creates some of the only movement in the bay. I have been drifting the edge of the channel with live shrimp when the floating grass is present, and casting D.O.A. shrimp when the water is free of trash grass. There are a lot of nice trout in this water and most of them have been concentrated where the shorelines neck down around Marker 57 to Marker 26. Trout fishing has also been great on the Long Bar, Laguna Vista and Holly Beach. I have been concentrating on the potholes near the shallow bars. Top waters have been good early and then I switch to D.O.A. shrimp or Gulps. These trout are also nice but not caught as quick compared to the channel trout. If you want fast action, go to the channel...if you want some top water battles, hang around the grass bars and depth changes in Laguna Vista, Long Bar and (Lisa's Cove) at Holly Beach.

Redfish are back in the Three Islands / Drum Boat area again and are really presenting some great sight casting opportunities. Once the sun gets up high enough to see without too much glare you can drift bow forward with a slight breeze and really soak it all in. I have been using small ¼ ounce gold spoons and weed less hooked cocahoes to sight cast these fish. I have also seen some really huge trout floating these sight drifts in the skinny water of the Gas Wells. We made some casts at them, but most of these big trout were swimming slowly away...which is an indication that they know you are there. When sight casting, if you don't see a big trout before it sees you...you rarely have a chance to catch it. Stay alert! There are a lot of reds starting to show up near the Bridge bar and Bob's bar near the Causeway, but you have to be there early before the Jet Skis show up. If you start there early it is usually good for two or three reds.

Flounder are finally starting to show up more and more now. I haven't been fishing for them that much but we have been catching them on accident while working the edge of the ICW. It is nice to see them and I look forward to scouting for some big "flatties" before tournament time soon.

A person may not remember clearly the roller coaster they rode at an amusement park, or their favorite childhood cartoon character. One thing that is memorable in my mind is some great fishing experiences. Fishing is a powerful obsession that ranks up there in memories with big time moments in life. Catching your personal best big trout or redfish ranks up there with the memory of your first kiss. It can make your knees weak, makes you spend lots of money and you may find yourself telling your friends stories about it. Fishing is human nature at its finest.






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