June 24th Fishing Report Courtesy Todd Casey

Dark skies and cool winds welcomed me and my clients most every morning this past week. Some days I would watch it rain all around me and never feel a drop, and other days I would get soaked. Rain or no rain, the fish bite was good on the Laguna.

The trout I have been catching on my charters are really solid fish. It is amazing how healthy the trout population is right now. It would have been really easy to obtain a "limit" on several charters this past week, but most of the time we would stop short and go look for a rowdy redfish. Most of the trout I am catching right now have been on the drop off of the ICW all the way from Marker 67 to the Arroyo, and the side channels like the Cullen Channel and the Wreck Channel. The tides are very low in the morning right now and these manmade waterways are really holding some fish. You can catch them by looking for an area with a slow-moving current. It doesn't matter if the flow of water is going in or out, it just needs to be trickling. If you find this sluggish tidal flow, then fish the edges with any kind of shrimp-like lure, live shrimp and even just plain old cocahos. This should produce some nice trout.

Our brawny redfish are still thriving and are really starting to run around in more concentrated areas. Big schools are really popping up in places, and when they are not in schools I am seeing them in small groups of 5 to 10 fish. One morning this week we hit 5 different herds of reds from 50 fish to probably 300 fish. Needless to say I had to change all of the line on my reels for the next day. If you want to fish for reds early and it is somewhat calm, I would focus on the spoil banks and shorelines looking for wakes and tails. If it is a little breezy I would look for mullet and other baitfish on the shallow flats 1 ½ feet to 2 feet and set up a drift. When the sun comes out sight casting is always enjoyable this time of year. Blind casting can get tiresome sometimes due to the floating grass.

I didn't fish for any snook this past week but we did catch one on "accident" fishing for reds along the spoils. I think I might try and go hook into a snook or two on one of my charters this upcoming week if I have any takers.

A redfish or two will hum the drag and pull some line, solid trout have been hungry and mean, and the sunrise is still coming up over the dunes every morning. The Lower Laguna Madre is now flourishing with plenty of summer fishing enjoyment.

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