July 1 Fishing Report Courtesy of Captain Todd Casey

The full moon was brilliant this past week and it was moving water high and low with some great force. Exceptionally low tides and above average high tides were experienced along with some rapidly warming water temperatures. Fish are comparable to people in some ways. They most all enjoy hanging out with their buddies, they take pleasure in a fast and easy meal and they sure could use a little air conditioning. A fish's air conditioning could be a spot where the water temperature is just two or three degrees cooler than the surrounding water. This past week I focused on finding this cooler water and I presented to them...a quick and easy meal. Fish on!

Trout fishing the last few days is just unbelievable. The shallow water in the bay right now is varying between 77 to 85 degrees right now depending on the time of day. Rain showers and clouds kept water temperatures from getting too high, but the trout are definitely in summer mode. I am spending a lot of time fishing really deep potholes in 4 and 5 foot green water. In this depth water you need to look for big yellow sand pockets that are sometimes a foot or two deeper than the surrounding sea grass. This is the trout's cool zone. My Power-Pole has been a significant key to my success in fishing these holes. If you don't have a Power-Pole anchor it will be tough to spend time on these big potholes with a conventional anchor. Throw in these holes let your lure sink to the bottom and retrieve it fast. Countless "piggy perch" will be following your lure on the way out and if a trout sees that it's all over. I have been catching a lot of nice trout in these holes on both the East and West side of the bay. Just look for that deeper green water and you should find some trout action in the chilly potholes. The ICW is full of trout as well. I have been spending some time there and it is really producing if your current is on target and the floating grass is not too troublesome.

Redfish were really herding up this past week. I am a firm believer that the full moon is a major player when it comes to schooling reds. I have always had great luck in finding big groups of fish when the sky is bright at night. On a calm, slight breeze morning when you are on your way out to the fishing hole always keep your eyes peeled. You may be running over a big school of roaming redfish. It is difficult to explain an area to look for these schools because they are everywhere and you never know where they might be the next day. Some advice I can give is to just mark your spots on the GPS when you find them and over a few years time you will build a data base of "school spots" that will help you in the future. These schools frequent the same areas every year and I have really figured them out over time.

Next time you are drifting making just one more cast, the sun is getting hot and your hunger is ready for a big 'ol cheese burger...just think that the fish are thinking the same thing. They are hot, in a hole somewhere and ready for shrimp or two.

The summer on South Padre Island is a magical time of the fishing season. The beach is pleasant and the blue water glistens like a million jewels giving you relief from your everyday routine. There is always a friendly vacationer with a smile, and there is always a fishing guide ready to show you the beautiful and versatile Lower Laguna Madre bay system.

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Copyright 2007 Richard Moore