July 8 Fishing Report Courtesy of Todd Casey

The water and fishing in our bay is going to be a little different for the next couple of weeks. The massive amount of rain that has fallen in South Texas is making its way down the Arroyo and other tributaries into the Laguna. The freshwater is pouring in and the fish are moving to some different areas. The fishing is still good, but you have to change your game plan from your usual fishing routine. The freshwater is an iced tea colored water that has traveled as far south as Marker 67 and as far North as Bennie's Shack. This invasion of freshwater in one of the highest salinity bay systems on the coast can really shift your ordinary fishing routine.

Trout are still in the deeper water along drop offs in the ICW and sand bars present in the 4 and 5 foot water of the bay. If you are fishing in the tea colored water you are a lot better off if you are using bait. The brown water has made it a little more difficult to catch fish with plastic. For a successful trout bite on lures you need to focus on the deeper water areas near the jetty passes to the Gulf. Mexiquito flats, South bay and the areas just north of the Causeway are good places to find some nice trout in green water. The East Cut up in Mansfield out to the Y is also a good place to find some pretty trout water.

Redfish are abundant in all of the flats around Gas wells and Three Islands like they were about a month ago. There are a lot of singles, triples and doubles to be seen in these areas. I have been fishing East of the drum boats closer to the sand line. The water here is nice and clear and there is less floating grass. The West side is holding a lot of reds as well (Laguna Vista, Holly beach, and Stover's), but there is some freshwater in these areas trickling out of Holly beach cove. Most of the schools I have been finding have moved from the color changes to clear water up and down the East side in about 3 to 4 foot of water. Top water action is a lot of fun if you can find the schools. (Photos attached)

I caught a few flounder here and there a couple of weeks ago, but have only seen one this past week. I am starting to wonder if and when they are going to show up. I have a small tournament to fish this next Saturday and sure could use a five pounder.

Although there is some newly uninvited fresh brown water crashing our fishing party, it is somewhat nice to face up to a little change in pace. I can fish some old honey holes I haven't been to in a while, try some new areas and try to catch fish with a little different technique. The majesty of fishing is that you never know what the next day will bring. Every morning you fish, every cast you make, there is always a chance that a surprising fish bite will result in a big smile.

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