July 15th Fishing Guide Courtesy Todd Casey

"The wind's blowing a little much, you think?" An onlooker said as I was getting my boat ready one dark morning. "Yes sir. I don't think Mother Nature is gonna let us have a calm morning this week."

This past few days have been a reminder of the Spring time fishing due to the steady 25 to 30 mile an hour winds blowing everyday. The wind finally calmed itself today and the clouds drifted in to create a pleasant change in weather to some extent. Weather has been a big issue in my charters this past week and I have had to fine-tune my recent fishing style suitable for howling winds. Hot weather and wind creates great red fishing as long as you have your sunscreen and a Kolder Holder embracing your cold drinks. With the wind breathing down my neck I have to settle back to just blind casting the flats.

There are plenty of redfish around the flats just south of the East cut in Port Mansfield. Also, just North of the East cut around Butchers Island is holding numerous reds, but most of them are 23 to 26 inch fish. The upper slot reds and oversized reds are finding their deeper water cool spots now and are hanging out in the south part of the Gas Well flats, Holly Beach and Cullen Bay. If you can find some 3 to 5 foot water that gradually decreases into 1 to 2 foot water in the clear flats, you will find some upper slot reds. Right now the tides are at the maximum low at night from Three Islands to the SPI Causeway during darkness. With little and low water in these shallow spots the fish make their way to deeper water and cool off. The next morning, you may see some water flowing into these shallow areas, but the fish are still in their deep water. The bigger redfish are going to be in the 3 to 4 foot water and the smaller reds are in the 1 to 2 foot water. I have just Power Poled down on the big potholes and thrown into the cooler water. The fish are pretty aggressive right now and lure selection is not much of a problem. In muddier water I have been straying from artificial and giving them some ballyhoo for bait.

Trout are still unbelievable with their numbers and size. Anywhere you go on the East or West side of the bay it seems like the trout are abundant. I have been using 3 inch gulp under maulers in the color changes, D.O.A. shrimp and live shrimp on the edges of the I.C.W. There are a lot of big trout lying on top of the Long Bar and the edges of the spoil islands right now. The big black "fence posts" are hot and slow and take a little finesse to get them on a hook. A truly big trout caught during the hot summer months is usually caught on a small elegance lure worked proud or a confident fly, or of course big live or dead bait. Other than that they are smart and that is the explanation they have grown to that size anyway.

Snook are still everywhere and are getting to be a fish just as widespread as a redfish or trout. I enjoy catching a snook or two when I don't even expect it. I have never been so confident on my snook fishing charters.

Flounder are still not showing themselves as much as they should be. I am hoping that any day now they will jump on one of my lines and let me know they are back in the bay and they have brought a few friends. Lisa's cove is the only place I have been confident with flounder. (Holly Beach)

Wind might be blowing strong, waves may be choppy right now, but this is the summer and we have a lot of great calm days ahead of us. Windy or calm the fishing is great. Tailing reds, sight casting monster trout and casting at floating snook is already here, but soon easier and more often. Mangrove bushes are glowing and oysters are growing, the Lower Laguna Madre is full of life and we are too. Fishing down here is always a good way to get rid of some stress, bad thoughts or pressure at daily work. Fishing is pretty amazing. Searching for fish on the beautiful flats of South Padre Island is capable of assisting you in living a happy life.

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Copyright 2007 Richard Moore