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The past few days have been very enjoyable out on the water. The wind has leisurely passed over the Laguna Madre leaving it clear and blue. Shore birds are jumbled up on the spoil banks taking in the sun like vacationers living it up on a relaxing beach. The redfish are enjoying the passive time spent in quiet shallow waters and are crowded up in small groups trying to touch the mangrove leaves with their tails. This is the time of year when sitting at a waterfront restaurant or bar table on the Island and looking across the peaceful waters lets you breathe in the splendor and realize how remarkable South Padre Island is.

Trout fishing is a lot of fun right now due to an aggressive bite. Using lures or live shrimp, trout can be caught up and down the ICW anywhere you can find a spot where the current is not moving too fast. There is still a lot of trout in the 4 and 5 foot water near the spoils (Long Bar, Holly Beach, and Marker 77), but they are in the slightly murky green water versus the clear green water they have been in. Really big tournament trout are lying up on the spoils and gas well flats in good ol' dredge mud that has settled in over the past couple of years. If you can find some good 1 to 1.5 foot deep water where you sink down to your waist in mud, you might find a huge trout or two nearby.

Redfish were somewhat tough to find earlier in the week practicing everyday routines, but I ended up finding them for several days in side channels and potholes near the spoil banks. They were in overwhelming tailing groups taking advantage of the calm waters and clusters of baitfish and small crabs that are helpless in still water. The full moon this week helped with my sightings of numerous herds of redfish roaming the flats. Big oversized reds are cruising around the deeper color change waters, and good keeper sized reds are roaming around the clear flats near the drum boats. I have been finding the clear water reds by simply just reading the water. If you see a boat wake and there is no boat around I would suggest checking it out.

Snook are still thriving down here right now. I had 3 snook caught on my charters this past week, and we weren't even fishing for them. I am glad to see the line sides doing so well.

Flounder...Pretty much don't want to discuss the flounder issue because the present lack of them is getting irritating. TIFT tournament is next weekend and they just are not as easy to catch as they were last year. If you are fishing TIFT and can bring in a flounder both days along with your redfish and trout, you will probably have a chance to win it. A lot of anglers are going to have huge reds and heavy trout, but few will bring in a flounder this year.

Every year there is an abundant amount of fish that make their way to the spoil banks during the summer enjoying the slightly cooler water that is in close proximity to the ICW. During a full moon in the middle of the summer when the tide falls drastically and the mere inches of water bake in the sun, you need to think about what you would do if you were a fish. Cooler water is the key in the summer. Cooler water can be in deep channels, muddy bottoms and near major and side channels throughout the bay.

The mangrove bushes are casting their reflection on the glassy water of the Laguna. Snook, Reds and Trout are swimming slowly in the currents expecting to stumble onto a juicy shrimp or silver colored bait fish swimming nearby. We are saturating this into our eyes and into our memories. When life gets long and we get old, we will always remember the time we had no stress while out on the bay as during the sunrise, we glanced off into the sand dunes of South Padre Island.





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