August 12th Fishing Report Courtesty of Todd Casey

This season's LKT tournament has been fished and the LKT enjoyment is over until next year. Great memories from this season's tournament will exist with me for a long time as do all great days out on the water. During the tournament the winds were calm and the water was stunning, making finding redfish schools a little easier. A gigantic school of reds in Port Mansfield made their presence for me and my team that produced a couple of perfect fish weighing close to 8 pounds. We started the morning with our first casts made on the bridge bar near the SPI causeway that generated a couple of decent trout with the use of Super Spooks. It was a nice morning sitting there in the dark waiting until time for the first cast. Bait was crashing all around us, the Causeway lights were reflecting off of the black mirror of water and expectations were high for a day full of exciting tournament fishing.

This past week's charters were all good with a lot of wind early in the week with calm winds in the final part of the week. Trout were not as easy to catch as they have been, but with some grinding and a little positive attitude several nice trout would make it to the boat. There were a few trout this past week over the 25 inch mark that were released. I have really seen a lot of big healthy trout this season. The fresh water from all of the Valley rain recently has started to fade away in the ICW. Trout are starting to hit D.O.A. shrimp and cocaho lures now with a little more ease.

Redfish are definitely herding up right now. I have been hitting schools or reds all year, but now they are in schools of all sizes. There are many pods of redfish up and down the spoils and on the West shoreline near Stovers. Huge schools of reds can be found just about anywhere from shallow clear water to deeper green water. You just have to keep your eyes open when you are underway, you might be heading near a school. The school of reds we were on during the LKT tournament in Port Mansfield was probably over 1000 fish. It was one of the biggest schools I have seen in some time. Throwing gold spoons are starting to work again like they were in April and May. If you can get a little bit of breeze for a drift, you should be able to catch a few reds and even trout on spoons right now.

August is a great month if you love the tournament scene. Almost every weekend there is some kind of tournament going on that allows you to test your skills and luck among other anglers. The weekdays are still pretty quiet with a lot of untouched water ready for fishing. I am not a kid anymore, but I still feel like one when I am fishing. The night before the LKT tournament I couldn't get to sleep due to my enthusiasm. I dreamt of big fish and amazing action out on the water all night. Morning came soon and we all got ready for our first cast. The Power Pole was down and we all talked softly about our fishing game plan. The lights of South Padre Island sparkled out on the water and in our eyes giving us comfort from the pitch black water. There was silence, relaxation and restlessness all at the same time. Early mornings out of the bay are the reason anglers get hooked on fishing and the outdoors. The power of the nature and natural scenery around you on a peaceful morning wipes out any stress or distress you may have in your life. That is clearly the power of fishing.

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