July 19th Fishing Report Courtesy Todd Casey

Mother Nature is playing a big part in a good or bad fishing day right now. I had to cancel a couple of trips due to the winds and rain coming through this area. It is one thing to go out and give it your best shot in some bad weather, but it is just not enjoyable in certain circumstances. Other than a few dark storms and lightning shows, the other days of the week were very pleasant. The API tournament was in full swing this past weekend and there were a lot of nice fish caught. There were 650 anglers in this tournament and only 3 flounder weighed in. I saw plenty of happy anglers bring in an abundance of solid redfish and huge trout. Mother Nature was nice to us all during the tournament, but we may have some major weather coming. We will all have to watch Hurricane Dean during the next few days and hope that it does not do too much damage wherever it may decide to go.

The water in our shallow bay is very warm right now. Early in the morning if the tide is coming in you can find reds and big trout along the edges of the spoils along the ICW. After about 8:00 o' clock these fish will move out from the spoils into slightly deeper water taking advantage of the cooler temperatures. Trout are starting to thin out a little in the ICW around the Duncan House and are moving both South and North towards the Long Bar areas and Port Mansfield areas. Both of these fishing areas are surrounded by deeper water and are closer to the Jetty passes.

Redfish are still herding up far and wide. This is the time of year where you can find schools of all sizes in the bay if you know what to look for. They will be schooling up for the next 3 months pretty steady until most of the upper slot and oversized reds find their way to the Gulf and the juvenile reds stay in the bay and split up. Some of the schools right now are all 20 to 25 inch fish, and others are all 26 to 30 inch fish. I think they usually hang in groups of the same age or size. It is amazing how they all seem to be the same size depending on what school you are on.

Flounder are still scarce in this southern area. If you just think about how many great experienced anglers fished in this past weekends API tournament and only 3 were weighed in, you can conclude that they are just not here. It will be interesting to see if Texas Parks and Wildlife will check into this and come up with a reason for having such a strange flounder year.

Snook are everywhere along the areas of South Bay, Brownsville Ship Channel and the Old Causeway. There are also some huge snook schooling up around the spoil banks from Marker 77 to 57. Some of these fish are probably close to 40 inches and will scare the heck out of you when they swim near your boat.

Coyotes are fair to good in the Brownsville Ship Channel, but they are not schooling up yet. Photo Attached J

The summer fishing season is starting to come to downward slope of the bell curve. The fish will soon start hearing less outboards humming by them in the flats in the months to come. Soon I will be putting my flip flops in the closet and looking for my snake boots and will be heading to the ranch to try and find the biggest buck in the brush. I may be in a boat breathing in the salty air, or I may be in a small plywood box taking in the South Texas Landscape and watching the cactus light up during an early morning. Whatever the situation, I am thankful that I am able and fortunate when it comes to enjoying my hobbies of fishing and hunting.

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