August 26th Fishing Report Courtesy of Todd Casey

There were a lot of days this past week where the bite was non-stop early in the morning and it just faded away about 9 AM. An early bite was followed by a warm morning with no wind to cool you down. It is nice to be on the water when the wind is calm, but it will get warm out there in a hurry.

The trout bite is incredible right now. I have been making a run up around the second set of shacks South of Port Mansfield around Marker 193 and the surrounding areas. It was not uncommon this past week to find the right bite and have twenty to thirty solid trout in an hour or so. I have been going up there to get away from the heavy incoming currents that are South of the Arroyo. We have had some extremely high tides in the mornings and the can buoys are bent over in the ICW. It almost looks like you could float the ICW on a raft like you would on the Guadalupe. I guess until a barge came plowing by. If you have really strong tides down south you can run up north of the Arroyo where the currents switch directions and usually find a slack or slow moving current.

Redfish have been tough to catch with no wind in the mornings. Conventional fishing in no wind requires you to either be very patient while drifting slowly and look for fish and wakes. If you are not patient you can run around until you spot a school or reds, which are easy to see when the water is glassy. The only problem is you can usually only get one shot at them before they vanish in the calm waters. Drifting slowly and looking for singles is probably a more effective way of redfish catching right now. There are plenty of singles just North of the Duncan House on the East side of the ICW. With all of the water in the bay right now, redfish are going to spread out to shallow areas and explore new territories. Just try and think of shallow areas near your usual fishing hole that are usually too shallow to fish on a normal tide. A lot of times the fish will be in these areas.

Snook fishing is at its peak when the wind doesn't blow. I have caught snook in all types of conditions, but when it is calm they are a lot happier. You can actually see them right now piled up under the Causeways, and they are cruising around up and down the spoil banks near Marker 67. Topwater lures early and D.O.A. shrimp later are good ways to target a nice snook in peaceful waters.

This is the time of year where some of the boats you see underway may not be going to there next fishing hole, but just trying to get a little wind to cool off. Huge thunderhead clouds have been greeting me every morning out in the Gulf giving the sunrise a nice canvas to cast its colors. It might be hot out there, but it is very enjoyable to be out on the water when the wind is not howling. The scenery is bright, the water is clear and blue, and the fish are just waiting for a well presented lure to swim by.

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