Fishing Report Update April 23e

The full moon of the month of April is probably my favorite time to go fishing.  A few days before, during and after the full moon are just awesome.  Big trout are spawning on the bars and redfish group up in big schools in the clear water flats.  This is a magical time of year in the Lower Laguna Madre.  It is still a little bit chilly in the mornings when I leave the dock, but it does get warmer as the day goes on.  There have been some great opportunities for sight casting nice fish this past week.  Light winds and bright sunlight have been creating the perfect conditions for watching shallow fish.  I have been spending a lot of time in South Bay, Long Bar and the Spoils looking for big trout.  Several mornings I would be floating along and watching dozens of 25 plus inch trout swim leisurely near the boat.  That really gets my heart pumping.  I look forward to more days on the water, and look forward to the next full moon.


I have been catching a lot of nice reds on the East side flats of Gas well Flats and the area around the drum boats.  It is kind of difficult to help explain exactly where to go in these flats to find redfish, because they are really everywhere right now.  They do move from day to day, but if you just pick a nice drift with some good looking potholes you should find some redfish action.  This past week I found redfish way over on the sand, near the drum boats, close to Primero Island, in shallow water and deeper (3 to 4 foot) water.  I am sure the West side (Cullen’s, Holly Beach, etc…) is full of redfish too, but I really hadn’t been over there lately.  All in all, the red fishing is really good.


The trout are really hanging around the ledges of the Long Bar, the ICW north of Duncan’s House and the deeper spoil banks along channels.  The big ones are shallow and spawning right now.  I have been using a lot of Gulp lures and top waters to fish for these trout.  A 4 inch Gulp lure rigged on a Kahle hook with no weight has been working great.  We have also been catching a flounder or two on accident when fishing for these trout.  It is nice to see the flounder action picking up.  I can’t even remember catching a keeper flounder last season. 


I haven’t been writing my fishing reports consistently, but I hope to get back into the routine of things soon.  Some of you may already know from past reports that I am in the process of building a house.  It was supposed to be done at the end of February, but it seems like it will never get done.  My computer is at the ranch and I have no access to my email list from other computers.  Anyway, please bear with me on the reports…they will be sent every Sunday, soon.  Until then I will be homeless, sleeping at friends houses and looking for my belongings scattered across the Valley.  The inside of my Suburban looks like I have packed up all that I own and I am running from the law.  I look forward to writing more reports and sending photos of my days out on the water.  Thank you all for your support.


courtesy of Captain Todd Casey 

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