Sunday, June 29 Fishing Report

Courtesy of Captain Todd Casey

The bay was calm today. Glass like water blended with the horizon and there was no way to tell where it met. I was underway this morning in my boat and I could hear the engine humming behind me, but other than that it was silent. I could smell the salt air blowing from the south off of the dunes as my boat made its way north. It smelled like the good times I had with my family while I was on the beach building a sand castle with a plastic bucket as a kid. It smelled like freedom. I can remember when my dad used to take me fishing long ago when I was a kid. I was young. I don't remember some of my teachers at school, or some of the whippings I got from the principal...but, I do remember every morning we drove to Port Mansfield. My dad would always stop at a store near the dock and he would get me some white powdered donuts and a plastic cup of orange juice with the foil top. I have a four year old son now. He had his birthday on June 17th. I take my son fishing whenever I get a chance. He is pretty good with his little spinning rod and has caught some good fish. But life is bigger than the fish he has caught. The look in his eyes as we get in the boat and make our way out on the water is something I will always cherish. No matter what comes my way. I will always have that. Forever. Fishing has been pretty consistent lately. "Summer mode" is now in effect. Which means that the ICW is a great place to fish to find fish early in the morning for your trout. After about 8 or 8:30 I will move onto the spoil banks around Marker 67. I like to fish the East and West sides of the spoil dumps in this areas once the sun rises up. There is usually a minimal amount of wind available this time of year and a good push pole or trolling motor will allow you to cruise along these spoil banks in search of mud spots and tails. Redfish are really thick in these off colored waters right now. It is also a very good place to sight and catch a trout of a lifetime. I have seen some trout along these banks recently that made me shake. I have had several charters this past week during the full moon era that have produced some awesome trout. We have had several 25 to 29 inchers caught along with one true 30 incher landed up near Peyton's Bay. All of these big trout were released to swim another chance. I have been using a lot of white gulps, live shrimp and top waters for catching these nice trout. Redfish have been hitting gold spoons when it is windy, ballyhoo and New penny gulps. Overall, the Springtime fury of redfish drifting has slowed due to the calm winds. The best way to catch these redfish is to be patient and sight cast. I have been hitting some huge schools of redfish during the later morning and middle of the day periods with mostly oversized reds being caught. I am finding these redfish herds just south of gas well flats in the 4 to 5 foot water. Some herds are 500 to 1000 fish. There are several schools on the sand East of the drum boats, but only 50 to 100 fish in each school. My son caught a "hard-head" on his Sponge bob rod and reel about 3 weeks ago. He did it all by himself. The cast, the pull and the smile. Since then, he has graduated to a real miniature spinning rod. He loves to fish. Thinking back, when I was a kid...I loved fishing also. Now that I am older I realize that it wasn't the fishing that made me smile. It was the moments to, from and near my family that I remember. The locusts buzzing in the morning, the seagulls crying and laughing in the distance, the sight of the sun over the water. I knew when I smelled the smoke from the outboard I was ready to go. I still smell that smell. I am still a kid. I am still free. I have a love for the outdoors. It is both a blessing and a curse. But, to not have a difficult

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