Fishing Report, Sunday, July 27, Capt. Todd Casey

I didn't get much fishing done this week due to Hurricane Dolly. The storm created a lot more damage and fear than most people probably thought. It was basically a direct hit on the Island and lower Rio Grande Valley. Once everything returns back to normal, the fishing reports will be back in action. We still don't have power and authorities are saying that it may be another week. Phone service is very spotty and it is tough for me to reach people other than email. Ice, water and charcoal are difficult to get right now. Some of the shacks on the ICW suffered some damage, but our still standing. The Duncan house lost most of the porch and the first drum boat is upside down and they are all in different areas now. Those drum boats were great landmarks for drift fishing...I have the original coordinates for the drum boats if anybody needs them. TIFT and LKT might be canceled. I was really looking forward to those tournaments. There will be a lot of fishing guides and Island residents suffering quite a financial blow because of this storm. July was one hell of a month.

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