Sunday, August 03, 2008 Fishing Report Capt. Todd Casey

The hum of a generator on my back porch puts me to sleep. It is was more like a loud Harley-Davidson generator running until I got a fan that is circulating air on my pillows at night. The wind driven from the fast spinning blades quiets the noise of the running motor and lets me sleep well. Sleep is easier with air movement. Power has been out for about a week. I have taken the comforts of prosperity for granted. I learned how to cook eggs on a barbeque pit in the morning and how to wind down on a couch in my driveway. I finally received power at my house in Bayview, which is about 5 miles inland from the bay. The Island will take more time. Driving down Padre Boulevard I see people moving around like busy ants carrying roofing materials and debris. Heads are held high, but spirits are briefly low. We are a town that prospers on entertainment and leisure. This hurricane has put a small dent in our sun-filled days with green tides flowing under the causeway. Dolly was a real storm. I think we might have underestimated natures power. It was exciting at first, but the aftermath will earn a place of respect in our hearts. Low lying areas inland all over the Rio Grande Valley were flooded and/or are unlivable. Hurricane Dolly was a direct hit on the Texas / Mexico border to Port Mansfieled. It was a Category Two. I can only imagine a greater storm.

One thing about our community that is grand is the drive to rebuild. The TIFT was canceled due to the close schedule proximity of the storm, but LKT the next weekend is still on. I lost a lot of reserved charters, but I am gaining new ones in there place. There is an old saying..."If you live on the Island, you are either a fishing guide, a bartender, or you're retired." An interesting saying, but truthfully there are many great people with many great careers that make up our community. The fishing is still great and the spirits are still flowing. It won't take long to get the Island back in shape even better than it was before. I look forward to my upcoming charters. I am glad that I live in a place where people come together and fix what is broken. If we let a storm wreck what is good and never fix it...we would never have a dock to tie to, or a never ending white sand beach to walk on. The sunset will never reflect romantically off of broken windows. I learned something from this storm. I shouldn't depend on the future being smooth. I should have a shoebox full of money in my closet, and I know all be will be well when I am surrounded by good people that come together during the good and the bad. I went to Blackbeard's and had dinner last night. The place was packed as well as all of the other restaurants on the Island. The Island is fully functional except for a hotel or two. I am amazed how the city of South Padre Island cleaned up Dolly's mess so quickly. We are open for business!

I have been fishing a few times since the storm. The consistent fishing patterns of the summer have changed due to the huge amounts of freshwater dumping into the bay system. It is nice to be out on the water again. I will have a little better actual "fishing" report for next week...I have quite a few trips coming up this week.

When you hit bottom it just makes you better. I am excited about our future. We have some great smiling days ahead of us. There will be storms, wind and rain...but what we love conquers all.

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