Fishing Report, Sunday, October 5th Courtesy Captain Todd Casey

  “What are we throwing today Captain?”  Says a man that is about to get on my boat early in the morning.  “Whatever is closest to my hand to put on a jig head.”  I replied.  Usually, when I am rigging up for a charter I try to rig up for trout, or reds, etc.  This time of year is the ultimate time for herding redfish.  We leave the dock and in less than 15 minutes we have a triple hook up on a school using old used Gulp lures.  One lure was missing about an inch of its tail.  These reds are in schools of over 100 fish and on a calm morning you can expect to hit 5 or 6 different schools, and they will eat anything.  The tides have finally gone down back to normal and these schools have made it back to their usual spots.  During the high tides the last couple of weeks it was difficult to find them.  We had so much water in the bay that my clients were ankle deep while they walked on the dock.  The tides are normal again.  Herds of reds greet us in the morning.  Drags are screaming.  People are stumbling around on my boat trying to land three reds at one time.  I am laughing in happiness at them and trying to coach the best I can.  There is not a boat in sight.  Water slaps against the boat’s hull.  There is no thoughts in our heads right now.  We are alive.  I realize why I love this so much.

    It is difficult to explain exactly where these schools are located, but you will find them in depth changes in the gas well flats and Cullen bay areas.  Anywhere you can find a line of water that drops a foot from shallow water is usually where you will find them holding.  Some examples would be east of Marker 67, anywhere around the Black pipe channel going to the First drum boat, Unnecessary island just to name a few standard holes to find schools.  When it is calm you can just run steady as you are going to a fishing destination and if you see the water boiling...that’s a school.  During the sun heated middle of the day, you can actually see them no matter how hard the wind is blowing.  One of my favorite times to look for a herd is about 1 to 3 PM.  This is the time of year for big fat hungry redfish.  It’s a lot of fun, especially after all of those thousands of casts we threw all Spring and Summer with a bite every now and then.  Now we can just anticipate casting three times...three reds.  It’s just an aggressive human nature way to fish for a change.

    There are plenty of trout to be caught right now as well.  We are catching some nice trout in redfish water due to the cooler temperatures.  My favorite place to fish for a monster trout this time of year is the Brownsville ship channel and the spoil banks around marker 77.  These trout are not skinny like you find them in the heat of the summer.  They are fat and healthy.

    I am excited about fishing right now.  Most people come down to Padre to fish due their time off and kids are on vacation from school.  School is back in session now and this is a great time to fish.  Magic is happening on the jetties, the flats are full of redfish and trout and we are enjoying cooler temperatures.  There are not too many activities in life that can equally compare to the absence of tension that a person experiences while they are fishing.

The Good Ol’ Days are Now...
Captain Todd Casey

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